How NOT To Roll Out A Price Change

Today Bubble announced an upcoming change in their price model via a forum post. To say it was received poorly is an understatement. It was universally roasted far and wide and was quickly retracted. So what went wrong? As far as we could tell, it feels like they either never spoke to their customers or…


Random Thoughts On Bubble’s New Responsive Engine

If you’ve been involved in the world you know they’ve recently made a new design engine available to everyone. Finally. It’s something they’ve been working on for YEARS. But they still consider it beta. Regardless, we started to work with it (along with many other thousands of users). Our initial impressions is that we’ll…


Rebuilding QUICKEN on No-Code with Bubble

Introduction So, we’ve decided to do something really really challenging with Bubble. We’re going to Rebuild QUICKEN – or as much of it as we can. What Is Quicken? Quicken is the granddaddy of personal financial applications. There isn’t a single personal financial SaaS app that comes close to meeting the level of functionality that…


Designing Secure Data Models in

If you’re a classical developer, the title of this article probably makes no sense to you. After all, in classical software development, security is usually a part of the middle-tier/business logic or application logic. It’s not usually embedded as deep core logic into the data model. But in Bubble, all data is public. It’s only…

canstockphoto3339476 Coding Standards and Practices For nCubeSoftware

Introduction This article provides an overview of the standards and general practice we encourage our developers to use when creating apps on the platform. It is intended for our own developers and is being shared so that others can benefit from it. As you might expect, this is a work in progress. These recommendations…


Combining Crypto NFTs with A Bubble App

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are all the rage these days. In particular, interest in NFTs that assert ownership of digital artwork or game assets has exploded.

We recently worked on a simple project that attempts to create NFT art using a collaborative process.

It works by requiring purchaser of an NFT on to then take an additional step to contribute to creating the final artwork – by specifying a location on a tic-tac-toe board.


Use Bubble To Read Data From The Ethereum Blockchain

What if you could use a rest-like API to interface with the data on the Ethereum Blockchain? That would cool, right? In fact, it would likely make development on Ethereum a lot more accessible. Well, it turns out that there are services providing just such an interface. One major player is In this article…


Convert Hexadecimal To Decimal Using The Bubble TOOLBOX Plugin

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to use the very powerful TOOLBOX plugin in Bubble to do more than just evaluate and return the results of one or two JS strings. Instead, we’ll use it to create a whole new JS function, invoke that function and then use the result elsewhere. For this exercise we…


Bubble API Connector Tricks

The Bubble API Connector is one of the most useful tools in your bag of tricks. But, ironically, it’s also one of the most poorly documented and it comes with what has to be one of the worst UIs in a dev tool. In this article I hope to point out a couple of…


How To Lookup Data From A Google Sheet In Bubble

We recently had a support request from a customer that wanted to do something very simple – take data in a spreadsheet, perform a lookup based on an email address and then output data from the other columns in the matching row onto the web page. The initial request that came in was worded differently…