Fixed Price Software Development For AI & AI Driven Projects

$4,995 per Month

Up to 30 development hours per month.

Cancel Anytime

Your Costs Are Fixed For The Most Common Projects

Have an idea that you need to build out but don't want to deal with ridiculous quotes or cost overruns?  Our monthly subscription leaves you in control - you'll never spend more than your subscription price in any given month.


Have larger projects in mind?  Purchase multiple subscriptions!

What Can You Do With 30 Hours?

You'd be surprised by what can be accomplished in 30 hours or less!  Here are three types of projects than can be done within that time limit.

Prompt Development

Create and optimize prompts for common (and not-so-common) LLMs and related engines.

Interactive Chat Widget

Create AI driven chat widgets connected to your preferred AI engine/LLM.

Chain LLMs

Create a pipeline of dataflows between LLMs that can create amazing outputs not otherwise possible with a single AI engine.

Your Costs Are Fixed

How It Works

  • Sign up for one or more subscriptions

  • Send us your project information

  • We work on it up to 30 hours per subscription per month

  • When complete we move on to your next project

And start your project today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Your Developers Located?

All our developers are located in Chicago, IL USA.

What Happens If A Project Needs More Than 30 Hours?

We will pause the project and continue the next month.  In this way you never pay more than your subscription price every month.

Can I Get More Than 30 Hours Per Month?

Yes, of course.  Just purchase multiple subscriptions!  You can then cancel some or all of them later as your requirements are completed.

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If you're just getting started or you need ongoing support, you might have a question or two (or many).  Just drop us a note using this contact form and we'll get right back to you!

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