How NOT To Roll Out A Price Change

Today Bubble announced an upcoming change in their price model via a forum post. To say it was received poorly is an understatement. It was universally roasted far and wide and was quickly retracted. So what went wrong? As far as we could tell, it feels like they either never spoke to their customers or…

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Is WordPress The Most Underated No-Code Solution?

Long before there were the things we know as Bubble, Webflow, Wappler, Retool and the term “no-code”, there lived an open-source project known as “WordPress”… Ok, I’m being a little facetious there. But, really, if one takes a good hard look at what WordPress does, you’d have to put it firmly in the no-code camp.…

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Managing A No-Code Project

If you listen to the marketing folks for some of the most popular no-code platforms, you might think that you can build a major platform for $100. While it is true that you can easily build a lot of things without writing code, software development’s Achilles heel has rarely been about the code itself. Instead,…

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Sometimes A Bubble Gets Popped

We love the Bubble Platform.

Really we do.

But, as with most platforms, it has it’s shortcomings. And as a client, you should probably be aware of these in order to make the best decision for your project.

There are three big areas where it falls down…

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Choosing No-Code Tools

The no-code landscape is changing rapidly. And, thus, choosing your toolset can be a daunting task.

In our view, we can break down the landscape in three groups…

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What Is No Code?

“Nocode” refers to applications that are built using advanced visual tools. Examples of these tools are: Bubble • ReTool • WebFlow

With these tools you can: Build out an application UI • Create action rules that govern what happens as the user moves through an app • Create complex workflows…

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