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Unlimited Small NoCode Fixes, Tweaks And Changes For One Low Monthly Fee

So your app is complete or your MVP is up and running.  But now you need smaller tweaks and changes to keep the momentum going. That’s where we come in!

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Unlimited Support

How It Works

  • Sign Up For A Monthly Plan

  • Send Us Your First Task Using Our Ticketing System

  • We Complete The Task Within 24-72 hours

  • We Move On To The Next Task

  • We Work On One Task At A Time

    Need us to work on more than one task simultaneously?  Purchase multiple plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch? Collapse

There is no catch.  Send us your tasks and we’ll work them down one at a time.  But you should keep in mind that your developer is dedicated to you and therefore can’t work on more than one task at a time.  And that we work best on tasks that can be handled in 30 mins or less (60 or 90 mins on higher level plans)

What is a “Task”? Expand
  • A small task is anything that we can complete in one hour or less.
  • We must be able to complete the task inside the Bubble or no-code app admin area.
  • Tasks must be something a developer can complete.

Graphic design, import/exports and other tasks that require external tools can be ordered separately.


How long will it take for my task(s) to be completed? Expand

We work on your task list one at a time, in the priority order you specify.  Generally, we try to complete at least one task on the list every one-two days but some days we get to two or three of them depending on how much backlog we have.

Certain tasks might take longer.  Something that requires a lot of troubleshooting for example might take more than one day to complete.

Turn around time also depends on how long you and your developer have been working together.  The longer you’ve worked together the easier it is to complete tasks.

Regardless, you will get a notice every time a task or task-revision is complete.

What if I want a larger task? Expand

We simply break down larger tasks into smaller 30 min sub-tasks and add them to the task queue.

However, some tasks simply can’t be broken down into discrete units that can be spread over a number of days.  In those cases we’ll have to decline those tasks or ask that you purchase developer hours.

What tasks will you not accept? Expand

Its hard to draw a fine line here.  We really do try to provide as much help as we can. The general rule is that tasks are something we can complete via your no-code tool dashboard and also be something that you can reasonably explain or show to us.

If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is to submit the request and see what we say.

Here are some things that we try to avoid:

Design Creation

Creating images, new websites or any kind of creative from scratch or any task where we have to do the design work is something we generally avoid under this support program.

To get something designed you can use our developer hours and utilize our designers.  Or you can engage your own designer and provide us the design template.

Once we have a design template, we can implement the elements you request.


Writing copy for articles and pages are requests we have to decline under this program.

We can create unique copy for you by purchasing developer hours.

Once we get the copy – either from our own writers or your writer, we can get it up on your site or web-app in a jiffy.

SEO Services

We don’t create SEO strategies under this support program.

But, we will take the strategy your SEO adviser provides and implement the relevant parts of it in your web-app.

If you’d like us to create SEO strategies for you that would need to be done under a separate engagement contract.

Custom Code

Generally speaking tasks that require writing custom code of any kind are ones we would decline under this support program.  This means customizing the code in a plugin, adding new functionality over and above what a plugin or the no-code tool includes or creating new functions from scratch are all excluded.

But, we don’t just blindly decline all custom code jobs.  If we know right away what needs to be done and we know we can do it with just a few lines of code we’ll generally go ahead and get it done for you.  So, the best thing to do is make the request and we’ll let you know if it can be done.

Work that requires 3rd party applications

If the work requires Excel, Photoshop, or another external program, we’ll generally decline those tasks under this program.  Those types of tasks are best handled by purchasing developer hours

If the work requires new integration with a 3rd party SaaS service we’ll likely ask you to consider purchasing developer hours as well.

For existing integrations we’ll likely perform the task as long as it can be done within the specified timeframe on your plan using just the no-code tool dashboard.

Incomplete Requests

If you ask us to add an image to a page but don’t provide the image, we can’t complete the request.  If you ask us to replace an image on the page or some text on the page but don’t specify which image to replace or which portion of the text to update, we can’t complete the request.

That makes sense right?  When submitting your order you should err on the side of more detail, not less.

Can you recommend a plugin or method to accomplish xyz? Expand

Absolutely – this is something we do everyday.  Just tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll make recommendations on plugins and other tools.

What payment methods do you accept? Expand

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Our payment processor is STRIPE which means we can add additional methods upon request.

How do I send my website or webapp credentials to you? Expand

We will send you a ticket where we include instructions for providing credentials for all your websites/webapps.

Can you trouble-shoot slow performance for my site? Expand

Yes, we can do that.  But we cannot guarantee a certain percentage of improvement.  A lot of performance comes down to how your site or app was built.

Do you provide SEO services? Expand

We generally work with your SEO provider to implement their SEO plan but we do not create SEO plans for you directly.  Some examples of SEO related things we might do at the direction of your SEO adviser are:

  • Adding metadata
  • Updating title tags and page titles
  • Adding blog post content

SEO is an on-going challenge that is best handled by folks who eat, breathe and dream this stuff every day.

What can I do with 3 hours of development time? Expand

3 hours is enough time to:

  • Create a short landing page (you provide text and graphics of course)
  • Change the size and/or font of the text on 20-30 pages of your site/app
  • Add a new hero image to the top of 10-20 site pages (you provide the images of course)
  • Manually add as many as 25 to 50 products to your store

You can do more of course – these are just a few ideas for you to toy with.

What can I do with 5 hours of development time? Expand

5 hours is enough time to:

  • Create a medium sized landing page (you provide text and graphics of course)
  • Completely recreate your home page (if you provide text and graphics)
  • Interface with a 3rd party service using Zapier
  • Apply your SEO adviser’s relevant recommendation to 20-30 pages of your site
  • Add a new Workflow to a button or screen element

These are just some ideas of course.

Do you provide phone support? Expand

We do not take inbound support calls.  BUT, we will call you when necessary so don’t be surprised when you get that phone call.

I have more questions, how can I contact you? Expand

You can see the options on our contact form.

There you will see options to email us directly or use a form on the page to send us a message.

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