Functional Specifications Development Service

A good functionality specification document dramatically increase the odds running a successful project - one that is on-time, on-budget and well-tested.  Let us help you to create yours and increase the odds of your project's success!

Functional Specifications

Why You Need Them

A good functional specification is critical to the success of your project.  Without it, you're usually flying blind.  Even with "rapid prototyping" projects you still need something that describes what you're trying to build and that makes sure everyone is on the same page regarding objectives and outcomes.

  • Ensure All Interested Parties Are On The Same Page

  • Dramatically Reduces The Risk of Cost Overruns

  • Give Your Development Team A Clear Target To Shoot For

  • Obtain "buy-in" From All Constituents

  • Ensure That Everyone Knows The "Definition Of Success"

Basic: 3 - 5 days - $2,000 USD •  Advanced: 5 - 7 days - $4,000 (includes some wire/frames or mock-ups)

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