Emergency WordPress Fixes

Response in 60 mins or less.  No contracts. No Long Term Lock-in. 


One Task or Fix | $49.00

Two Tasks or Fixes | $89.00

Three Tasks or Fixes | $129.00

We've Got Your Back

There's no reason to hesitate - just submit your order now and relax.  We've got you covered.  Just look at all the things you can do for just $49.00 each or $89.00 for a couple!

  • Resolve error: This site is experiencing technical difficulties
  • Resolve error: 4xx or 5xx
  • Install a plugin
  • Backup and run updates for a site
  • Configure backups
  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Install a caching plugin
  • Troubleshoot button or link not working
  • Troubleshoot a general JS error in your browser console
  • Install and configure an EMAIL plugin to make email delivery more reliable
  • Troubleshoot a theme or plugin conflict
  • Change the color of an item
  • Add a page with text and a few images
  • Change the text on a page
  • Add a product to your store
  • Make a minor general CSS change
  • Upload a blog post with your content and image
  • Any other task that takes about 90 mins or less.

Not sure if your task qualifies?  Then send us a question via email:  [email protected] or via our contact form

What Makes Us Different?

Sometimes you just need something done.  Right now!

Emergency fixes and time-sensitive tasks are all we do.

When your usual help isn't around or it might take hours to get into a new support contract with a maintenance service, you can use us to get un-stuck - fast!

If we can't start to help you within an hour, you will see a notice at the top of our site - we generally close our site when we have too much business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions!

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Our payment processor is STRIPE which means we can add additional methods upon request.

Ready To Get Help From Us?

One Task or Fix | $49.00

Two Tasks or Fixes | $89.00

Three Tasks or Fixes | $129.00

Excluded Items

Tasks not covered with the above pricing

We believe that most people are fair and use common sense so you probably understand why the following items are excluded from the prices above:

Custom Code

Generally speaking tasks that require writing custom code of any kind are excluded.  This means customizing the code in a theme or plugin, adding new functionality over and above what a theme, plugin or WordPress includes or creating new functions from scratch are all excluded.

Design Creation

Creating images, new websites or any kind of creative from scratch or any task where we have to do the design work is excluded.


Writing copy for articles and pages are excluded.

Malware Clean up

Virus and malware clean up are excluded.  This task can take a long time and, to be done right, requires highly experienced security-focused personnel.  But we do provide a separate service for this at $199.00 for each site that needs cleaning up.

SEO Services

We don't create SEO strategies. But, we will take the strategy your SEO adviser provides and implement the relevant parts of it on pages, posts and elsewhere on your site.

Incomplete Requests

If you ask us to add an image to a page but don't provide the image, we can't complete the request.  If you ask us to replace an image on the page or some text on the page but don't specify which image to replace or which portion of the text to update, we can't complete the request.

That makes sense right?  When submitting your order you should err on the side of more detail, not less.

Advanced Tasks

When you need something a little off the beaten path.

Malware Cleanup | $199.00

Custom Dev - 3 Hrs. | $199.00

Custom Dev - 5 Hrs. | $300.00