Recent Support Requests

Here are some recent requests we got via our flat-price unlimited support service.

Mailchimp Form

Is it possible to add a MailChimp sign up form to all our blog posts?  We don't want to have to add a form individually to each post if possible.

Banner For Site

Can you place a banner with the following text and image at the top of our site?  It should show on all pages. 

<redacted data>

Multistep Store Checkout

Is it possible to change our store checkout process so that the user don't see one giant checkout screen? 

Login Screen

Add a dedicated login screen and prevent users from seeing existing login screen.

Workflow On Click

Update our user information when a button is clicked.

Contact Form

Add a contact form with a map of our location. Place link in footer area of site.

Style Login Screen

Make the login screen more closely match our brand.  I don't have a design but can you try adding a color from our logo as the background color and using our logo on the page?  Lets see how that looks.

Google Analytics

Can you add our Google Analytics code to all our pages?  We've added our Google login to this ticket.

Facebook Pixel

Add our FB pixel code to our website.  The FB login is <redacted>